Forgesafe Concealment Furniture To Keep Your Valuables Safe

Forgesafe Concealment Furniture To Keep Your Valuables Safe


Until now, concealment furniture with its bland design and lack of real security has been a mostly underwhelming option for gun owners. Gun safes, on the other hand, are plenty secure--but they're largely designed to be out of sight (and often out of reach). Now, thanks to Forgesafe Furniture LLC, concealment furniture has been completely re-imagined, redesigned, and re-engineered for security and style.

Handcrafted inTexasof high-end leathers and luxury home décor fabrics around state-of-the-art horizontal safes, Forgesafe benches let homeowners securely hide their firearms, jewelry, documents, coins and other valuables in plain sight, within arm's reach for the responsible adult but safely away from children. The company's new website,, makes Forgesafe concealment furniture available to anyone wanting a better way to safeguard their guns and smaller valuables.

"These are showpieces destined not just to protect, but to become heirlooms in their own right," said Forgesafe Furniture co-founder Darren Looker. "Forgesafe Furniture's beautiful camouflage keeps a family's valuables hidden from prying eyes. No one will suspect the homeowner has hidden a safe in plain sight. Forgesafe owners can rest easy knowing their firearms are locked away from unsuspecting children but accessible by the owner in under a minute in the event of an emergency."

Available in a variety of styles, from exotic safari-inspired looks to rustic western and sleek contemporary designs, each Forgesafe bench conceals a fire-resistant 14-gauge steel safe with digital combination lock, two-way locking bolt system with six one-inch solid steel locking bolts, a pry-resistant door with a drill-resistant hard plate, pre-drilled anchoring holes and anchoring hardware. Inside, an elevated gun rest allows rifles and shotguns to be stored horizontally, and lower storage compartments conceal ammunition, jewelry, precious metals, documents, and other smaller valuables. Forgesafe Furniture is completely customizable for a one-of-a-kind look that's perfectly suited to the home's design.

"Gun safes don't have to be large, bulky items that take up a considerable amount of room in the home. Homeowners also don't have to draw attention to the fact that they have a safe full of guns and valuables," said Forgesafe co-founder Rusty Bradford. "Our custom hidden gun safe benches allow our customers to keep their firearms safe while adding a unique design element to their homes."

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About Forgesafe Furniture LLC
Founded in 2016 by Rusty Bradford and Darren Looker, Forgesafe Furniture LLC introduced a completely new concept in gun safes and concealment furniture. All pieces are handcrafted by the Forgesafe team inDallas, Texas. The company's future plans include a new line of smaller ottomans to be released in 2018, designed specifically for jewelry and other small valuables.